The sauce to Cure what ails you.
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The Cure Hot Sauce Company

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About us

We believe in sustainability and supporting local.
We are a craft hot sauce company that is focused on creating both fiery and delicious sauces. Celiac? We got you. All of our sauces are gluten-free. and Vegan. Allergies to garlic and onions? We got you. Try our garlic and onion-free hot sauce! Our head sauce creator has been working for over 20 years as a chef and has used that experience to create a line of products superior in taste and quality. If you are a connoisseur of all things spicy, we invite you to browse the pharmacy for what will satisfy your face hole. Please contact us if you would prefer to e-transfer payment.

Contact Us

A1-2351 Rosewall Cres Courtenay BC V9N 8R9
Business hours
Closed Sunday Monday-Friday 11-4

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Absolutely love the blackheart heat sauce! I received fresh product within a week of ordering it and have since been enjoying the smoky subtle slap-your-face heat of this sauce on a variety of my meals. Pairs well with anything and everything!

Nate G. Ottawa, Ont